Can Chinchillas Eat Carrots?

Chinchilla owners normally know that these friendly, cute rodents are herbivorous, but knowing exactly what type of plant material to feed them can become challenging. 

If you were wondering whether you can feed your little friend carrots, you might be happy to find out carrots are safe and even beneficial for chinchillas to consume! However, you should keep in mind they can only be fed carrots in sporadic, small portions.

First things first, a chinchilla’s diet should mainly consist of pellets, grass hay, and water. They need a lot of fiber and protein, with high levels of fat and sugars being harmful to them.

Gray chinchilla in cage

Still, about 10% of a chinchilla’s diet can include specific fruits and veggies, and here is when carrots get into the picture.

To feed your chinchilla with carrots, you should not boil the veg and provide small portions that are cut into little pieces. Bear in mind that boiled vegetables can upset a chinchilla’s stomach, and big pieces of food might become a choking hazard, so be careful!

Ideally, it is recommended to feed your chinchilla with small slices of raw carrots or consider baby carrots as a good alternative. Washing the carrots thoughtfully is also important, to avoid the presence of any pesticides that might be harmful to your pet.

Benefits of carrots

 Carrots have both advantages and disadvantages for a chinchilla.

That said, let us move on to the benefits: 

  • Carrots are rich in Vitamin C, A and K. This makes them beneficial for your chinchilla’s eyesight. 
  • As for many other rodents, maintaining a chinchilla’s dental health is an important aspect of their well-being. Carrots can help by giving them something healthy to chew on. This will aid your chinchilla to grind its teeth, which grow constantly. 
  • Carrots are high-fiber and relatively low-sugared, low-fat veggies, which makes them suitable for a chinchilla’s needs.

If carrots are so good, then why small portions?  Because moderation is the key when it comes to feeding your chinchilla with fruit and vegetables.   

fresh harvest of organic carrots

Disadvantages of carrots

In the case of carrots, the small amount of sugar in them can still become a problem if a chinchilla consumes them excessively. The acidity of carrots can also become an issue and generate certain troubles for the chinchilla’s stomach and teeth.

For these reasons, it is generally recommended to feed your chinchilla with no more than one carrot a week. You can think of carrots as a treat.

When feeding a chinchilla with carrots for the first time, it is a good idea to keep an eye on it to make sure the quantities are appropriate. 

If the animal experiences bloating or diarrhea it might mean you need to make the carrot portions smaller. If you have any doubt, always consult with an expert: your veterinarian will be able to help you figure out the appropriate portion of carrots for your chinchilla.  

collage of chinchilla and carrot juice

Alternate carrots with other treats

Another good idea to include carrots in your chinchilla’s diet is to alternate the fruits and veggies you feed it with throughout the week.

Here is a list of other treats to consider:

  • Leaves and flowers. This includes dandelion leaves, romaine lettuce, strawberry leaves, blackberry leaves, rose petals, marigold flowers, and peppermint leaves. Dry herbs such as basil, rosemary and oregano can also be included in this group of treats. Several leafy foods are considered very safe and nutritious for chinchillas to consume, so these are the #1 treat on the list.  
  • Dried fruits. Some fruit can be given to chinchillas, especially if dried, to avoid bloating. A raisin or two a week, a dried cranberry, or a sliver of dried apple a week is enough.
  • Some other veggies. There are other vegetables apart from carrots, that are safe for chinchillas to consume sporadically as treats. Examples are alfalfa, sweet potatoes, celery, parsley, and pumpkin.
  •  Cereals. It is considered safe to feed chinchillas with very small amounts of cereals, like Shredded Wheat or original Cheerios. They should be unfrosted though, and in tiny quantities!

As you can see, carrots are not the only safe treat for a chinchilla. You can rotate the treats, prioritizing leafy foods. It is good to include carrots in the list of the small amount of fruit and veg that you offer to your little rodent friend. 

chinchilla and sweet potatoes

Harmful foods for chinchillas

Whilst carrots are safe, it is important to consider that there are foods that are not suitable for chinchillas. These include:

  • Corn
  • Avocado
  • Citrus fruit
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Cucumber, watermelon, and other fruits with high water percentage.
  • Chocolate
  • Diary

As a general note, it is important to remember that any foods with high levels of sugar, fat, or water can be harmful to chinchillas.  


Chinchillas can eat carrots, but only as a sporadic treat. Carrots have their pros and cons, and for this reason it is important to be mindful about portions. As a final say, it is important to see carrots only as one of the foods chinchillas can eat, as there are other options that also make good treats.


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