Can Chinchillas Eat Raisins?

Chinchilla owners struggle to find tasty treats for their chinchillas that are both healthy and safe for them to eat. Raisins may seem like a great treat option for chinchillas, however, that is not exactly the case.

Can chinchillas eat raisins? Chinchillas can eat raisins in very limited amounts because raisins have nutrients that are not good for them in large amounts. Too many raisins can cause negative issues in a chinchilla’s digestive system. There is a fine line between safe and unhealthy when it comes to raisins and chinchillas.

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Maintaining a healthy diet for a chinchilla is the key to helping it live a long and healthy life.

Understanding why chinchillas cannot eat raisins will help chinchilla owners make the best treat choices for their pets.

Are Raisins Safe for Chinchillas?

Raisins are safe for chinchillas when fed as treats and in moderation. Raisins become unsafe for chinchillas when they are fed too many at one time.

Raisins contain sugar as well as some water content, both of which can be extremely detrimental to chinchillas when they eat too many. If fed in very small amounts and spaced out over a week, raisins can be a safe treat option for a chinchilla.

How Many Raisins Can a Chinchillas Have Weekly?

While it may seem like an extremely small amount, chinchillas can only safely eat up to 4 raisins per week. Raisins and any other food outside of a chinchilla’s normal diet should only be fed as treats and in moderation.

Raisins should be cut into smaller pieces and spaced out over the course of a week. While a chinchilla can eat up to 4 raisins per week, they should never be fed to your chinchilla all in one day.

Raisins as well as all other treats should never interfere with a chinchilla’s normal daily diet.

If a chinchilla is unable to eat its regular food, it will inevitably suffer from digestive disorders.

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Will Eating Too Many Raisins Hurt Chinchillas?

Eating too many raisins in a day can hurt chinchillas, especially when it comes to their sensitive digestive system.

Chinchillas eat dry foods and raisins are not a completely dried fruit, so when overfed, raisins can cause bloating and gastric upset.

Along with digestive problems, eating too many raisins can also cause chinchillas to become overweight. With a healthy, moderated diet, chinchillas should not gain too much weight.

Eating too many soft treats like raisins can lead to severe dental problems over time. The hard, dried material that chinchillas normally eat help to keep their teeth worn down to a safe length.

What Do Chinchillas Eat?

Chinchillas eat a very dry diet including hay and high-fiber pelleted food. In the wild, chinchillas eat roughage items like small twigs, grasses, and plant material.

Pet chinchillas have to eat hay and other fibrous foods daily to keep their digestive systems functioning at an optimum level.

Treats should never interfere or be used to replace a chinchilla’s regular daily  food.

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9 Safe Treats for Chinchillas

Many owners enjoy feeding treats to their chinchillas, however, not every treat is safe for them.

Here is a list of safe treats for chinchillas, as long they are fed in moderation, of course.

  • Apple pieces
  • Oranges
  • Blueberries
  • Carrot Slices
  • Dried Herbs
  • Dried Plantain
  • Rolled Oats
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Completely Dried Fruits

What Treats Are Bad for Chinchillas?

Not all fruits and vegetables are safe for chinchillas.

Cabbage, corn, lettuce, spinach, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, and nuts are considered bad for chinchillas to eat.

Chinchillas have to maintain a diet that is low in sugar and moisture content. Most fruits and vegetables contain too much sugar and moisture to be considered safe for chinchillas.

Final Thoughts

Chinchillas can eat raisins in very small amounts because raisins are not healthy for them in large quantities.

With the right care and preparation, chinchilla owners can fed up to 4 portioned raisins to their chinchillas per week. Anything beyond that can cause severe digestive issues for chinchillas.


Learning about how raisins and other treats affect chinchillas is a vital part of owning these adorable pets. These are the sources that were used to write this article.

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