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Can Chinchillas Eat Oats

Choosing the right food for your Chinchillas is a daunting task. This is because their digestive system is delicate and efficient in processing foods that are high in fiber.

Are oats healthy for chinchillas to eat? Oats are definitely one of the nutritious foods that Chinchillas can eat. This cereal from the Poaceae family of plants is edible for your furry pets. What makes them healthy for your chinchilla is their high fiber content.

chinchilla and oats in a white background

This table from the USDA National Nutrient Database shows every nutrient that can be found in oats, specifically rolled oats. However, most oats carry the same nutritional content.

Carbohydrate67.7 g
Protein13.15 g
Fiber10.1 g
Sugar0.99 g
Fat6.5 g
Water10.8 g
Vitamin B10.46 mg
Vitamin B20.155 mg
Vitamin B31.125 mg
Vitamin B51.12 mg
Vitamin B60.1 mg
Vitamin B932 mcg
Calcium52 mg
Magnesium138 mg
Potassium362 mg
Iron4.25 mg
Phosphorus410 mg
Zinc3.64 mg
Manganese3.63 mg
Choline40.4 mg

From the data above, oats contain a high amount of carbohydrates and fat that give enough energy to Chinchillas.

Unlike other foods that are high in fat, the amount of carbohydrates in oats will balance out the composition of fat. Hence, your Chinchillas won’t face any weight problems when eating oats.

One thing to note is that due to the high composition of carbohydrates, oats will also contain a large amount of starch. To break down this complex sugar, Chinchillas’ digestive system will have to take a lot of time to digest starch and turn it into simple sugars that can be easily absorbed.

Moderation is key. Be sure not to feed Chinchillas with oats too often. The best number would be once or twice a week.

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The Benefits Of Feeding Oats To Chinchillas

Chinchillas can get a lot of health benefits just by eating oats. These cereal grains offer some of the essential nutrients that can be found in other foods. For instance:

  • Vitamin B9, B5, iron, manganese, and iron are essential for healthy fur growth.
  • Carbohydrates that are highly fibrous help in facilitating bowel movement and digestion.
  • Beta-glucan fiber increase growth on healthy bacteria in the digestive system.
  • Avenanthramides, a certain type of antioxidant help in lowering blood pressure and facilitate a better flow of blood. These antioxidants also promote the growth of fur and prevent itchiness in Chinchillas.

How To Feed Oats To Chinchillas

Oats can be fed to Chinchillas in a few different ways. For starters, you can feed them with just a pinch of oats to see how they react. If they like it, you can get creative and mix them with fresh hay.

Try to keep the meal as simple as possible without putting many different foods at once. This is to ensure that they can properly digest them.

You can give Chinchillas both regular oatmeal or Quaker oats. Neither of these foods will cause any harm to them when given in moderation. Always make sure that they have enough freshwater to help them in swallowing these cereals.

Try to keep the meal as simple as possible so they can digest them properly.

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What Happens If Chinchillas Eat Too Many Oats?

When Chinchillas are being fed too many oats, they could become overweight and prone to suffer from fatty liver disease. It is true that the carbohydrates and protein in oats could balance out the amount of fat.

However, when eaten too much, fat could turn into unhealthy deposits that are much harder to process into soluble nutrients. Furthermore, the high amount of carbohydrates in oats could also lead to obesity.

This is why you should always feed oats to Chinchillas in moderation.

Also, oats contain a high amount of phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. Feeding too many oats to Chinchillas can cause hypomagnesemia. This electrolyte imbalance could lead to some serious health issues like renal failure.

Final Thoughts

Above all, oats are definitely nutritious and healthy for Chinchillas.

You can mix oats with other foods to increase Chinchillas’ appetite or feed them as treats.

Overfeeding is the main problem to many health problems in animals.


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